Ready or Not, Here They Come

Updated: May 4, 2020

We recently leased a vacant lot in an area of Houston where hundreds of stray dogs and cats roam the streets. Organized rescue groups, independent rescuers and animal lovers have been working in this area for many years trying to rescue the homeless and take action to prevent more animals being born homeless. We've purchased some used kennels to set up on the property, which we will use as an emergency shelter for the most vulnerable street dogs. We've been busy clearing the lot of trash, a fallen, dead tree and overgrown grass and weeds.

Today we had topsoil delivered in an attempt to improve drainage. While a crew was spreading and leveling the soil, volunteers noticed a skinny mama dog strolling down the street. It was clear she had puppies nursing somewhere. She went to a convenience store at the end of the block, clearly mooching from several men hanging around outside. We asked if anyone knew if she had a home, and where her puppies were. One of the men told us her name is Peaches, and she has her puppies a few streets over on a lot where he stays. We followed him over and found nine precious pups eager to meet us.

Peach's pups weren't safe in this location, they are old enough to start wandering into the street. Our emergency shelter wasn't ready to house a these cuties, but we didn't have a much choice. Volunteers quickly worked to get a kennel set up in the corner of the lot, away from the crew spreading the topsoil. Because, Peaches and her pups couldn't wait.

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