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To prevent and alleviate the suffering of homeless companion animals due to overpopulation and preventable diseases by feeding, rescuing animals from the streets, providing medical care and spay and neuter services.



An alarming number of homeless dogs and cats wander the streets of Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities. These animals live primarily unnoticed in the shadows.  


Estimates from local officials have been as high as 1 million homeless pets.  Because only certain regions are affected, even most residents of our city are unaware of the suffering on the streets.

City, county, and private shelters in south Texas are nearly always at or over capacity.  Picking up stray animals from the streets to take them to a shelter only worsens overcrowding and euthanasia at these overwhelmed facilities.  

Animal Aid Brigade was founded by seasoned animal welfare volunteers working to rescue animals living on the streets, while simultaneously bringing spay and neuter assistance into local communities with the greatest need.

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