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June 2023 Announcement!


We are excited to announce that we have secured a wonderful property where we can provide high-level care for dogs rescued from the streets. The 4-½ acre property is set in a serene country environment where dogs can rest and recover. 

The location includes a 2,400 sq. ft Rescue Barn, a home for a 24-hour caretaker, four large play yards, a wooded trail along a creek for walks, and enormous mature trees providing ample shade!

Our goal for the Phase I buildout to be completed by the end of 2023 will include the following features: 

  • Housing for approximately 20 dogs

  • Large and comfortable indoor/outdoor, climate-controlled kennels

  • Medical quarantine and isolation housing 

  • A commitment to Fear Free Sheltering protocols to reduce fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration

  • Maternity Cottages with private yards where mothers can whelp and nurse their puppies in a quiet zone away from the kennel environment

  • Kennel enrichment activities to reduce boredom

  • Socialization using playgroups where dogs get to learn from the best teachers, other dogs!

  • A Sensory Garden to engage every sense: touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight, providing mental stimulation and relaxation

  • A “Sniffari” Trail through the woods along a creek where we’ll utilize nose-work to engage the dog’s senses

  • A Doggie Water Park for cooling off in the hot south Texas summer 

  • A Real-Life Room furnished like a home to provide the dogs a break from their kennels and a chance to learn skills that will set them up for adoption success

Phase 2 includes plans to house an additional 20 dogs, a cattery for our feline friends, and a medical clinic.

Watch our progress by joining our email list and following us on social media via the links below. And, please consider becoming a monthly supporter to help us provide this critical asset for the animals!

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